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Mechanical engineering is the traditional pillar of the economy in the area of our Munich and Lindau offices whereby the phrase, “Made in Germany” is globally recognized as a symbol of quality. Whether classical plant engineering, industrial goods, process engineering or parts of specialized mechanical engineering, they are all essential for the production and manufacture of goods we use daily.

Selected Sub-sectors:
> Plant Construction, Tools & Parts
> Conveyors and Storage Technology
> Cranes and Hoists
> Specialty Materials

Solid companies with a stable business and at the same time innovative ideas are not only interesting for their competitors, but increasingly for financial investors as well. Industrial holdings and family offices are also playing an increasing role in the industry landscape. Medium-sized and family run businesses are particularly well represented in the mechanical engineering industry. They are down-to-earth, direct and aim to “hit the nail on the head”, just like Aquin. Our entrepreneurial spirit, along with an extraordinary ability to build bridges to investors make us the optimal support in guiding you through the M&A process.

Through valuable experience and our Senior Advisors, Dr. Rainer Reichert and Wolfgang Schorre, we have built an extensive network, which includes plant and special machine construction, the crane and hoist industry and also materials handling. Aquin has also gained expertise in specialty materials and components, such as those for use in aerospace applications.




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